We’re Getting Married!

Baraat & Valima

23 Jun ‘23 | 25 Jun ‘23

Baber and Sarah joyfully request the pleasure of your company to our Baraat and Valima ceremonies, as we join in marriage in the presence of family and friends.


Friday, June 23rd
8:00 PM

Arrival of Baraat: 8:30PM

Montreal Marquee,
Islamabad Expressway,
Islamabad, Pakistan

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Sunday, June 25th
8:00 PM

Topi Rakh Marquee,
Grand Trunk Road, Ayub National Park,
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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The Bride

Born and raised in Rawalpindi, Sarah’s always been deeply in love with her desi roots; be it her endless cravings for biryani, or her unwavering attachment to the ‘good ole' traditional family values’. She studied Environmental Engineering at NUST, and combining her passions for writing and altruism, she co-founded Clim-8. Nowadays, she loves teaching Chemistry. If the bride isn't obsessing over her students' well-being, she can be caught bopping to T. Swift (p.s. she might be a raging pop culture enthusiast, but who can really say for sure).

Mr. Shahid Junaid and Mrs. Roomana Junaid invite you to the Baraat and Valima Ceremonies of their beloved daughter, Sarah Junaid!

The Groom

Having been dragged across Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia and Canada by his pursuits and passions, Baber's travels have enabled him to develop a deep understanding and a unique appreciation for the different manifestations of human cultures and norms. Winging it as a software engineer, if he's not hacking away at code, the groom can usually be found lounging about lazily with his buddies, or frantically planning when to next lounge about lazily with his pals.

Mr. Arjumand Zafar and Mrs. Raffat Arjumand invite you to the Baraat and Valima Ceremonies of their beloved son, Baber Arjumand!

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We hope you can make it!